Haircare Tips for the Wintertime

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Haircare Tips for the Wintertime

Conventional hair masks promise true miracles: soft and shiny hair and lots of volume. However, these products are usually full of artificial additives and silicones.

Artificial ingredients are deposited on the hair and natural care substances can no longer penetrate the hair. The hair becomes dull, dry and brittle.

A hair treatment or conditioner can help. You can easily make them yourself and your hair will be cared for in a completely natural way, without artificial and harmful ingredients.

In China, princesses and ordinary people treat their hair with rice water shampoo

Fermented rice water contains:
– Vitamin B to promote the production of melanin in the hair. This is the key pigment that maintains your hair’s vibrant natural colour

– Antioxidants and minerals to keep your hair strong and flexible…. Quite helpful if you’re concerned about hair that reaches your ankles!

– Amino acids to strengthen hair roots and give strands a silky soft finish

Chinese princesses have been washing their hair with rice water since the ancient imperial dynasties. And Huangluo women still rely on it today to keep their locks luscious, shiny and amazingly long! So when women have been using this rice water shampoo for hundreds of years…. and enjoy vibrant, ultra-long hair… then it looks like this treatment can deliver actual and real results!


Recipe for fermented rice water:

Mix 1⁄2 cup of rice with 1 glass of water in a cup, cover and – if possible – leave overnight. The next day, strain the water and the tonic is ready. Or boil the rice, sieve off the cooking water – the result is the same. Keep in a cool place and use after 2 weeks.

Rice water gives a wonderful glow to your hair. Use as a rinse after washing, leave on, then rinse.

Winter hair care mistakes:

Mistake 1: Brushing wet hair.

You have washed your hair and dried it with a towel, the next step is to brush it. But since hair tends to be brittle in the winter months anyway, you should brush it less often – and certainly not when it is still wet. So it’s better to let your hair dry completely first and only then detangle it with a wide, rounded comb. Tip: Don’t have time to wait for it to dry? At least care for it in advance with conditioner (but without chemicals, see introduction!) to strengthen the structure.

2nd mistake: Washing hair with hot water

Washing your hair with hot water in winter increases the risk of breakage twice over: not only does the cold air endanger the moisture balance, but hot water also has the same effect. It is therefore better to use lukewarm rinses – even though it may be nice to let warm water run over your head.

3rd mistake: Using care products with chemical ingredients

It is no longer a secret that chemical ingredients in hair care products are anything but good. That is exactly why the range of products with exclusively natural care substances has grown enormously. You should take advantage of this, especially in winter. Because peroxides & co. additionally dry out the hair – and at least this risk can be avoided with the right products.

4th mistake: Going out with open hair

Admittedly: Avoiding this mistake is not so easy. After all, it’s not every day that we feel like wearing our hair in a chignon or an elaborate hairstyle. Short hair fans don’t even have the option. And yet – for example when doing outdoor sports – you should make sure not to wear your hair down or at least protected under a cap. Otherwise you run the risk of frizzy hair.

5th mistake: Shampooing your hair every day

Do you have short hair? Then shampooing in the morning is probably one of them. In winter, however, you should give your hair a shampoo break or two, which also applies to longhairs. Because even shampoo – no matter how naturally nourishing it is – upsets the hair’s own moisture balance.


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