Super medicine from the spice rack

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Super medicine from the spice rack

Humankind has always discovered spices, traveled to new countries and contients which where discoverd in the search for new spices… and even wars were fought over their growing regions. Spices have always been a very valuable and sought-after commodity. However, their immeasurable active ingredients have often been forgotten and they are now only used for cooking. But spices can do much more. They are valuable and natural power agents that strengthen our immune system and can also fight diseases.


Flu remedy star anise

Star anise is beautiful and known in Europe as a Christmas spice, but should be used much more often. Researchers found that star anise can inhibit the growth of viruses such as herpes, hepatitis B and Epstein-Barr. The shikimic acid it contains is a precursor to the flu medicine “Tamiflu

Virus killer garlic

The typical smell of bulbous smoke comes from allicin, which is converted into sulphur. Although it does not smell as good, it strengthens the respiratory system by killing germs that cause lung diseases, among other things. It is even said to significantly reduce the risk of getting lung cancer.

All-rounder black cumin

A Turkish proverb says: “Black cumin can heal everything except death”. It contains over a hundred different substances that improve allergies and immune reactions. Neurodermatitis and psoriasis are successfully treated and the activity of natural killer cells is increased.

Defense booster pepper

In the Middle Ages, pepper was considered the king of spices and was balanced with gold. Researchers discovered that its piperine could even slow down cancer. Pepper has antiviral, anti-iotic and fungicidal properties.

Multi Talent Ginger

Ginger relieves nausea, migraines, sore muscles, arthrosis pain, fights bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is even said to fight tumour cells. Its most important active ingredient is gingerol, which also has a healing effect on asthma and coughing.

Secret weapon turmeric

The yellow root is highly valued for its strong anti-inflammatory effect. It promotes the immune defence. The active ingredient curcumin also has anticancer effects. Turmeric is fat-soluble and should always be combined with a little oil.

Cough calmer thyme

Thyme is one of the strongest antiseptics that nature offers us. It effectively kills harmful germ cells. Its main use is in respiratory diseases and it relieves coughs and dissolves mucus in the bronchi.



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