Turmeric Body Lotion

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Turmeric Body Lotion

Turmeric Body Lotion – Golden Milk for your skin


Hello – I am the turmeric body lotion and the darling of the month

DETOX and BODY-BEAUTY-BALANCE with IATITAI: Fresh handmade body lotion with turmeric & moringa – an anti aging weapon newly discovered for the western world in a super food body lotion.

Turmeric supports muscle regeneration, promotes fat metabolism and has a strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect. In Asia the root has been known for thousands of years. Turmeric or “Kami Chun” belongs to the ginger family. The yellow tuber plays a very important role in the traditional Asian healing arts and is known for its healing, cleansing and energizing effect on many diseases. It is therefore used both in medicine and cosmetics.

The active ingredient curcumin inhibits inflammation, intercepts cell-damaging and free radicals and is a powerful, natural anti-aging agent that stimulates the metabolism. It also stimulates collagen formation. It has a positive effect on the connective tissue, reduces flakes and stimulates the tightening of the skin. Turmeric promotes blood circulation and has a decongestant, antibacterial and antiviral effect. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it is also perfect for sensitive and irritated skin.

In this body lotion turmeric is combined with valuable evening primrose oil – for the protective function of the skin, rice bran oil – for smooth skin, shea butter – for supple skin and moringa oil.


Moringa oil has over 100 different minerals and vitamins, which in combination form a real powerhouse. It has a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids such as palmitic, stearic, acharic and linoleic acids, which also give the oil its yellowish colour and nutty flavour. Its high content of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids is hardly ever found in nature. Furthermore, Moringa oil is a real vitamin bomb because it contains, among other things, the important vitamins D, E and K. Trace elements such as copper and zinc and numerous secondary plant substances such as carotene, lutein and chlorophyll are also abundant in it.

IATITAI fresh handmade BODY LOTION with turmeric & moringa; 250ml, 29,90€


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