Annual Thai Elephant Day

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Annual Thai Elephant Day

The Annual Thai Elephant Day raises awareness on how to treat these wonderful animals with more respect.

Thai Elephant Day or Wan Chang Thai is celebrated annually on 13 March. The same day as when the Royal Forest Department designated the white elephant as the national animal in 1963. The national elephant day was established by the Thai government in 1998.

Elephants have always been a part of the history in Thailand. The Thai people’s close bond with the elephant goes back to ancient times when they played an important role in transportation and labour.

Thailand has witnessed a severe decline in elephant numbers. Nowadays, about 3,000-4,000 elephants live in Thailand, most of them are held in captivity.

Special events are held at a number of venues in Thailand.

A big celebration is also organized about 80 km away from Bangkok. A vast spot is decorated, where elephants have a buffet food. Everyone can participate the celebration for free. Another event of the holiday is a traditional blessing ceremony and a special elephant show. This holiday attracts many tourists, who can show respect for these magnificent animals.


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