The Story

The Story

Nestled in a mountain valley in the far north of Thailand,

Chiang Mai is the home of IATITAI


„It is primarily the therapeutic benefit of Asian herbal medicine and the holistic view of the Asian people and their lifestyle, as well as the incredible variety of fresh ingredients from Asia, especially from the region of Northern Thailand which is fascinating us

The healing power of the plants with their powerful ingredients gave us the idea for this care line, deeply inspired by thousand-year-old traditional healing methods in Asia

Mental and physical health is always achieved in harmony

With influences from Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda, Thailand has developed its own distinctive style over many centuries

Spas all over the world prove the unbroken popularity of these treatments and their formulas“

Harmony in the name IATITAI


The spirit of the bottle – the Bodhi Tree.

According to Buddhist tradition, sitting under the poplar tree, Siddhartha experienced “The Awakening” (Sanskrit “Bodhi”) and thus became the Buddha. The Bodhi Tree has been a symbol of Buddha in buddhist art ever since. The shape of the tree, with its trunk diameter of 2-3 meters, served as a template for the bottle shape of IATITAI



Pure natural ingredients, obtained from the rich vegetation of Thailand and the traditional Thai healing methods are the inspiration for our holistic natural cosmetic products

Every single recipe, lovingly prepared by hand, gives your body natural balance and cares for your beauty

Do feel welcome in the realm of IATITAI – authentic Thai



IATITAI has rediscovered hidden treasures of Asia and developed an extraordinary series of authentic care products

Exquisite medicinal herbs and plants and their botanical active ingredients nourish the skin and hair

Holistic usage of these remedies, which have their origins in the millennia-old experience of Buddhist monks and herbal medicine, pamper your body and mind

The Buddhist monks and the inhabitants of the small villages around the Buddhist temples have passed on their knowledge of herbal medicine for generations

Traditional Asian healing methods stand not only for the view of a holistic health theory, but also for mindfulness in dealing with our body, for the maintenance of a natural balance through our nutrition, through physical and mental fitness and also for how we care for skin and hair

Let yourself be seduced and treat your body to beauty and harmony


IATITAI is more than just a product

– it is a Philosophy