The Ingredients

fresh your beauty

IATITAI herbal cosmetic & spa products are a modern blend of classic recipes
– from fresh natural ingredients

crispy Cucumber, peppy Turmeric, hot Ginger, cooling Mint, fruity Mangosteen, juicy Longan, dewy Lemongrass

fragrant Frangipani flowers, zesty Kaffir Lime, smooth Jasmine Rice, rich Black Sesame, earthy Bamboo Charcoal and fleshy Aloe Vera


Dewy Lemongrass

The sweet grass from Southeast Asia is not only delicious and can be used in many ways in Thai cuisine, but can also be used as a medicinal herb. The grass gets its name from its lemon-like aroma, which is revealed when grated or cut. This pleasant fragrance works against mosquitoes and insects. Lemongrass is antibacterial and is used for skin problems and colds. In aromatherapy, the essential oils derived from lemongrass are used to increase well-being. Lemongrass essence in bath products, shower gels, lotions, massage oils and fragrance lamps stimulates the organism and dispels tiredness.

Earthy Pueraria Mirifica

The plant is a type of hard vine that grows up and climbs around large trees, notably found in Thai forests. Known as White Kwao Krua, the Thais glorify the dry rhizome for its anti-aging properties and it has been used in natural medicine for centuries. The plant is considered a miracle cure for women especially because of the high proportion of phytoestrogens. Pueraria Mirifica has rejuvenating and vitalizing effects.

Fleshy Coconut

Whether used externally or internally – ideally both – the rich coconut provides the body with many active ingredients that are important for its well-being. It is full of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Lauric and caprylic acids have an antiviral and an antibacterial effect, which works well in food and for the skin. In cosmetics, coconut oil cares for the skin, hair and lips and also provides moisture. It is an irritant-free care product and works for various skin problems.

Fruity Longan

In their regions of origin, China and Southeast Asia, the Longan fruit is praised for its special healing effects. Longan is an insider tip for health in Thailand. Longan contains high vitamin A and C, antioxidants and minerals and is a wonderful beauty elixir for the skin.

Green Tea

The tea plant has been cultivated in China for several thousand of years. From there, cultivation continued to spread across Asia, and green tea is now also cultivated in the mountainous regions of northern Thailand. Green teas are unfermented and therefore almost all freshly contained active ingredients are retained in the leaves. Green tea extract has an antioxidant effect due to the polyphenols, which helps the skin to protect itself and renew itself regularly, thereby slowing down the aging process.

Hot Ginger – Plai

Plai grows wild in Thailand and belongs to the ginger family. The spice bulb acts antibacterial, muscle-relaxing and promotes blood circulation. It strengthens the immune system and fights inflammation. The rhizome has played an important role in Asian medicine since ancient times and is also valued as a spice in the kitchen. The essence, which is obtained from the roots of the plant, is one of the “must have” in massage applications in Thailand to cure joint and muscle ailments. Plai contains essential oil and is used in aromatherapy.

Juicy Mangosteen

Mangosteen is cultivated in the tropics and called the “Queen of Fruits” in Thailand. It contains natural antioxidants in high concentration, so-called super antioxidants, and 12 vitamins. It has been used for generations in Thailand, China, Malaysia and other Asian countries. The fruit has highly effective anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects and is used to heal rashes, eczema, catarrhs and intestinal problems. Due to its richness in plant substances like xanthone, Mangosteen in cosmetics ensures fresh, healthy and vital skin.

Lemony Kaffir Lime

The Kaffir Lime tree from tropical Asia belongs to the citrus fruits and has a lemony scent. In addition to the use of Kaffir Lime oil in perfumery, the plant can be found primarily in the kitchen of Thailand, where the fresh leaves are cut into wafer-thin strips and used as a spice. Valued as natural cosmetics, Thai women rub the essential oil obtained directly from the leaves into their hair to make it look smooth and shiny. In aromatherapy, it has a positive effect on the body and mind.

Milky Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice is mainly planted in the north of Thailand. Rice and rice water have always been used for skin and hair care in Thailand and other regions where rice is cultivated. Rice is rich in valuable minerals, has a vitalizing effect and brings natural shine and beauty to skin and hair. It’s no secret that rice is responsible for the soft, fresh, glowing skin of Asian women.


Moringa Oleifera, known as horseradish tree, is native to the Himalayan region. The fruits and leaves have a high content of proteins, various vitamins and minerals. In Ayurvedic medicine, Moringa Oleifera has been known as a versatile all-rounder for centuries. Vegetable oils are pressed from the seeds and used for cosmetics. Moringa oil is also used externally for various health problems: joint diseases, eczema and other types of skin diseases.

Natural Bamboo Charcoal

The process of converting the bamboo into bamboo charcoal begins with the cutting of the bamboo. The bamboo is dried and then treated at 750 ° in a special wood oven. This results in 100% bamboo activated carbon. This traditional process has been used in China for over 1000 years. In Thailand, bamboo charcoal is popular for a number of beauty treatments, especially for deep pore cleaning with a detox effect.

Rich Black Sesame

Black sesame is a type of plant from the sesame family and the original form of sesame. It is a widespread crop and probably one of the oldest oil plants in the world. Black sesame has numerous nutrients and building materials, which makes it so valuable for health and well-being. Used as a massage oil in Ayurveda, fused with traditional applications in Thailand, it is ideal for nourishing pastes for rough hands and as a moisturiser.

Soothing Mangrovene Vinegar

Mangroves have strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects that heal and calm the skin. The plant is brimming with antioxidants. They grow in extremely harsh salt water climates and have developed incredible self-protection mechanisms with which they can also protect the skin. Mangrove vinegar is particularly good for skin that tends to redness and to drying out quickly. It works intensely against free radicals, relieves itching and pampers the skin after too much sun. Mangrove vinegar has a positive effect on blemishes and irritation.

Sweet Scented Frangipani – Leelawadee

A fragrant cloud of tropical Frangipani flowers is considered inspiring and balancing in aromatherapy. The flower essence is suitable for spa applications and has a regenerating effect.


The Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. The root is often pulverized as one of the most important spices used in curry dishes. The yellow bulb plays an important role in traditional Indian healing arts. It has been known for centuries for its healing, cleansing and energizing effects in many diseases and is therefore used in medicine and cosmetics. The active ingredient curcumin has a digestive effect and stimulates the metabolism. In addition, turmeric prevents wrinkles and stimulates collagen. The result: it has a positive effect on the connective tissue and stimulates the tightening of the skin, wrinkles are reduced, dark circles are reduced. This great spice has diverse effects on the skin and is ideal for masks, scrubs and creams.