at Home

at Home

Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Everyday stress, poor posture and lack of exercise
lead to muscle tension

Nothing could be more pleasurable or refreshing than pampering yourself in your own spa@home. It will help you gain back relaxation and healthy beauty sleep

Make your bathroom your own wellness paradise
After yoga or stretching, the pampering starts with a warm bathing ritual

Just a few drops of IATITAI BATH OIL with rich aroma essences such as dewy lemongrass, hot ginger, lemony kaffir lime, ylang ylang or peppermint invigorates the senses and soothes instantly your skin


After body and mind have been rejuvenated, try IATITAI yellow turmeric or fruity mangosteen body polish with sea salt crystals.

Dead skin cells are removed and a silky and deeply cared skin appears

Your skin is now optimally prepared for a tropical body lotion

Choose between extracts of moisturizing coconut, fresh lemongrass, deep-acting turmeric or firming pueraria mirifica

All lotions are vitamin-enriched with nourishing oils from MORINGA and SHEA BUTTER, ideal for dry skin



Seventh Heaven – full hand strokes move rhythmically from head to feet in an relaxing flow

IATITAI PLAI aromatherapy oil massage

Ginger & Medicinal Herbal Massage Oil not only invigorates after a hard day, but also relaxes the muscles after a sporty workout

IATITAI herbal stamps massage

A warm herbal stamp massage with ground spices
supports the metabolism and stimulates the immune system

Improvement of skin elasticity, blood circulation and deep relaxation of body and mind promise IATITAI compresses with Asian medicinal herbs


Open the Energizing Inhaler
and smell Asia’s wisdom

A fragrance of menthol, patchouli, camphor, clove and nutmeg gives you that extra push. You will be surprised how refreshing and harmonizing the exquisite blend of herbs works on your inner balance

aromatherapy inhaler offers quick relief for nausea, tiredness, dizziness, cold symtoms, stress and everyday pressure

An excellent companion for anywhere, anytime
Every breath reaches the limbic system of the brain
and instantly invigorates your senses



IATITAI Thai Balm – a multipurpose product

The balm can be used for a wide range of issues. The yellowish plai root belongs to the turmeric family and is a ginger plant with highly effective ingredients

The balm has antiseptic antispasmodic effects and helps to relieve muscle aches and strains, headaches, tension, swelling,
insect bites and inflammation


Make your bath a sanctuary for the senses

Transform your home into a relaxing haven
Essential oils affect your mood in seconds

More energy? More relaxation?
Better sleep?

Essential oil burner with a candle or a diffuser are best suited for this.
The fine water mist aromatizes and humidifies the air
or simply use IATITAI’s colorful aromatherapy stones

Not just a nice decoration – drizzled with essential oil – a wonderful aroma diffuser for your home

Spicy lemony IATITAI Kaffir lime oil
spreads motivating and energizing aromas


Scented candles – the mood maker

Scented candles made from soy wax with pure essential oils improve the air and neutralize unpleasant smells

IATITAI scented candles in beautiful Asian ceramic, handmade