The Skinfood

The Skinfood

fresh your beauty

IATITAI herbal cosmetic & spa products are a modern blend of classic recipes
– from fresh natural ingredients

crispy Cucumber, peppy Turmeric, hot Ginger, cooling Mint, fruity Mangosteen, juicy Longan, dewy Lemongrass

fragrant Frangipani flowers, zesty Kaffir Lime, smooth Jasmine Rice, rich Black Sesame, earthy Bamboo Charcoal and fleshy Aloe Vera


Lemony Kaffir Lime

The Kaffir Lime tree from tropical Asia belongs to the citrus fruits and has a lemony scent. In addition to the use of Kaffir Lime oil in perfumery, the plant can be found primarily in the kitchen of Thailand, where the fresh leaves are cut into wafer-thin strips and used as a spice. Valued as natural cosmetics, Thai women rub the essential oil obtained directly from the leaves into their hair to make it look smooth and shiny. In aromatherapy, it has a positive effect on the body and mind.

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