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IATITAI – holistic natural cosmetics with millennia-old recipes


IATITAI fresh handmade body lotion with KURKUMA

Turmeric belongs to the ginger family. The root is often used in powder form as one of the most important spices in curry dishes. The yellow tuber plays an important role in traditional Indian medicine. The plant has been known for centuries for its healing, cleansing and energizing effect on many diseases and is therefore used in medicine and cosmetics. The active ingredient curcumin intercepts cell-damaging and free radicals and is a powerful, natural anti-aging agent that stimulates the metabolism. It also stimulates collagen formation. As a result, it has a positive effect on the connective tissue, reduces sagging and stimulates the tightening of the skin, wrinkles are reduced and dark circles under the eyes are reduced. Turmeric promotes blood circulation and has a decongestant and antibacterial effect. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it is also perfect for sensitive skin. This great spice has a variety of effects on the skin and is ideal for masks, scrubs and creams.


IATITAI fresh handmade body lotion with PUERARIA MIRIFICA

Pueraria Mirifica: The medicinal plant, or root, also known as white Kwao Krua, grows mainly in the forests of Thailand and has been used in naturopathy for centuries. The plant is considered a miracle cure, especially because of its high content of phytoestrogens. Pueraria Mirifica has strong anti-aging properties, has a rejuvenating and vitalizing effect and tightens the skin – it is also used in Thailand to reduce stretch marks. The plant helps the skin to retain moisture and increase the production of collagen. This gives it a healthier and more youthful appearance.

Dewy lemongrass – fragrance against tiredness

IATITAI fresh handmade body lotion with lemongrass

Lemongrass: The sweet grass is not only delicious and can be used in Thai cuisine in many ways, but can also be used as a medicinal herb. Its lemon-like aroma, which reveals itself when grated or cut, is effective against mosquitoes and insects. Lemongrass is highly antibiotic and is effective against skin problems and colds. In aromatherapy, the essential oils extracted from lemongrass are used to enhance the well-being.


IATITAI fresh handmade body lotion with coconut

Coconut provides the body inside and outside with everything that is important for its well-being. The coconut is full of minerals, nutrients and vitamins. Lauric and caprylic acids have antiviral and antibacterial properties, which are effective in both external use and nutrition. In cosmetics, coconut oil cares for skin, hair and lips and provides additional moisture. It is an irritation-free care product and is effective for various skin problems.

IATITAI fresh handmade BODY LOTIONS; 250ml, RRP: 14,90€
The traditional Thai medicine was mainly used by monks and is primarily based on the use of medicinal plants. For the Thais plants have a spiritual meaning. IATITAI has brought these traditional recipes into the present day and developed natural cosmetics according to the latest scientific standards, using the old traditional recipes. The medicinal plants are harvested by hand and even the handmade paper is made in Chian Mai according to an old tradition.
For many centuries, Thais have found the basis for natural healing and body care products in the diversity of the local tropical plants and herbs. The traditional Thai medicine has its origin in the thousands of years old experience of the Buddhist monks and their herbal medicine: spirituality, massages, herbal therapies and a healthy diet were used to cure diseases and to balance health and physical well-being.

IATITAI has rediscovered these hidden treasures and developed an extraordinary range of authentic body care products. Ingredients that have never been seen before in western cosmetics. IATITAI’s holistic natural cosmetics are modern blends of these classic and millennia-old recipes from monasteries, which are today lovingly handmade with the finest raw materials from the nature of Thailand. Natural and local ingredients from Thailand, handmade for healthy hair and scalp.

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